24.2.2022 Imori-ike -Best season for Asian skunk-cabbage!-

We arrived at our destination, Imori Pond, via Okubo Pond!


▼I parked my car and went to the entrance.

▼Snow remains.

▼Although there was wind, Mt. Myoko could be seen reflected in the water.

▼ There is melt water here and there.

▼There appears to be a hiking trail leading from Imori Pond to Otomi Lake.

That's quite a distance.

▼Asian skunk-cabbage is now visible at the far end.

▼Asian skunk-cabbage were spreading all over the area.

▼Scenery of the Imori Pond side.

▼I photographed Mizubashou with a telephoto lens.

The area where Mizubashou is blooming is farther away than other marshlands, so it is better to have a telephoto lens if you want to take pictures.

▼Bull-headed shrike (Lanius bucephalus)


▼Japanese Butterbur.

Butterbur shoot has a little bitter taste and it is a typical wild spring vegetable.

▼Ostrich fern?

On the way home, we stopped at the nearby Red Pond, but it was covered with snow.

It looks like it would have to be May~June.

▼Red Pond was frozen.



When I came in the summer, it did not feel very marsh-like, but when I came in the spring, it was a rich marsh.

If the weather was clear, we would be able to photograph the beautiful Kagami-Myoko and Mizubasho.