1.5.2021 Tamanokihara skunk cabbage colony-out of season visit-

Located in Miyagi Prefecture, this wetland is known as a skunk cabbage colony.

I visited during long vacation called GW, but it was too late in the season.

I was greeted by a large skunk cabbage


▼ This is a larger space than I had imagined.

It is wonderful to see such a well-preserved place.

▼ I walked through the cedar forest and went inside.

▼There are many mature skunk cabbage lined up in a narrow space.

▼ Smaller skunk cabbage are also sprouting in this area.

▼ I was going deeper into the wetlands.

▼Skunk cabbages in this area looked young.

Growth may vary depending on conditions such as sunlight and running water.

▼ It looked like it broke recently.

Could it not withstand the snowfall?

▼I had come to the back of the wetlands.

▼ This area was a bleak scene.


If you want to visit during the best season, I would suggest early to mid-April.

If it gets a little warmer, I think we will be able to see a variety of creatures.

I would like to visit again if I have a chance.