6.6.2021 Takigashira Marsh - The Best Marsh View-

I went to Takagishira Marsh in Niigata Prefecture.

Last time it was cloudy, but this time it was clear and sunny.

Please enjoy the marshland of Takigashira in the best condition!


▼ The marsh is adjacent to the parking lot.

▼Today is a great day.

▼ The iris is growing in clusters.

▼white Japanese iris.

▼Purple Japanese iris

▼Arctic Iris.

▼Broad dwarf day lily.

▼A grasshopper was hiding in the Broad dwarf day lily

▼East Asian yellow water-lily.


▼Philadelphia fleabane

▼Other flowers with unknown names.

▼There were many different kinds of dragonflies.

▼small fish.



This is the season when Takagishira Marsh is at its peak.

You can enjoy everything from a little hiking to photographing flowers and observing creatures.

It is a season to visit again and again.

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