5.10. 2020 Hachimantai, vast grass foliage

On October 5, 2020, I visited Hachimantai in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture.

The atmosphere is lonely compared to summer when the area is crowded with various creatures, but the quiet and serene marshland is also charming.

It was raining in the morning and we were not blessed with good weather, but we stayed in the parking lot for a long time and managed to explore.


▼ The mountains are turning red.

▼ The area near the summit has a lot of shrubbery and does not appear to have much foliage.

▼Start walking toward the marsh.

▼ Wooden paths wet from rain are often slippery.
Be careful not to fall down.

▼ There seems to be more water than when I came here in the summer.

▼ The ponds remain the same in the fall.

▼ You can see the edge of Hachiman Marsh.

▼ I still think there is a lot of water.

The temperature is low, so it will be hard if it falls.

▼ Hachimantai is dotted with large ponds.

▼ I have arrived at a vast marshland area.

▼Leaving the marshland, I headed for Hachiman-numa.

▼ I arrived at Hachimanuma.

▼ Megane Swamp.

These are twin ponds that look like glasses.


▼For more information, go to: the article below!


I explored Hachimantai in the summer, but autumn was also great.

In addition to the autumn leaves in the mountains, the grassy autumn leaves in the marshlands are also wonderful.

Hachimantai is indeed a great place!

I would like to visit in winter and spring as well.

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