19.7.2020 Imori-ike -Myoko's water mirror-

I visited Imori-ike Pond on a sunny summer morning.

Imori-ike is a small pond in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.

The reflection of Mt. Myoko on the surface of the water was spectacular.


You can see Mt. Myoko along with Imori-ike pond.

It was a clear early morning, so it was quite a scenic shot.

▼If you look closely, you can see water lilies blooming.

It is not in full bloom, but it is pretty.

▼The entire pond is covered with water lilies.

▼Broad dwarf day lily. was also in bloom.

It was by the side of the road, so they may have planted it.

▼There were many tree frogs.



The pond is close to the marsh and well maintained, making it an easy place to enjoy in a short time.

The upside down Myoko on a clear day was amazing.

It is worth a visit.

If you are ever in the Myoko area, please visit!