6.6.2020 Taigashira Marsh -Enchanting Artificial Marsh-

On June 6, 2020, I visited the Takagishira Marsh in Aga Town, Niigata Prefecture.


▼We parked the car and got underway.

▼Takigashira Marsh is a man-made marshland.

It is a wonderful environment that does not seem so.

▼It is unfortunate that the weather is not good.

▼There was also a resting place.

▼ It was the time of year for Broad dwarf day lily and Arctic Iris, so they were colored yellow and purple.

▼Broad dwarf day lily and Arctic Iris are in bloom by the side of the wooden paths and can be photographed as much as you like.

▼ Himesayuri(Lillium rubellum) was also at its best.

▼ East Asian yellow water-lily is also in bloom.



Takagishira Marsh is a man-made marshland, yet it boasts an environment as spectacular as ordinary nature.

The wooden paths are well maintained, making it a safe and enjoyable marshland.

Various plants bloom in each season, making it good for photography and observation.

Next time I would like to visit on a sunny day.

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