18.7.2021 Imori-ike pond -pond in full bloom

I went to Imori Pond to welcome the summer.


This is the overall view.

It is cloudy today.

▼Gradually clearer skies!

Blue skies are now visible.

The weather around here seems to change quickly.

▼When the water surface settles, it becomes like a mirror.

▼Water lilies on the verge of blooming.

▼This is the Jizo of Imori Pond.

It watches over the pond.

▼Noriutsugi (a kind of hydrangea)


▼The type of plant is unknown.

▼Japanese rat snake (Elaphe climacophora)

▼water lily



June through July is an enjoyable season because of the variety of flowers that bloom in turn.

If you go to the park on a whim, you are sure to see some kind of creature.